Best Shoes for Safari

Best Shoes for Safari

Safari is an adventure that calls for being well prepared to tackle the unknown terrain. One of the things you must have is the right pair of shoes. Here are the best recommended shoes for safari and how to choose the most appropriate pair for your journey!

Types of Shoes for Safari

  • Hiking Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Cross Trainers
  • Travel Shoes

Features of the Best Shoes for Safari

  • Comfortable: Comfort is the key factor when it comes to selecting a pair of shoes. Your foot should feel relaxed and supported, with no parts pressing into your feet and rub off on them.
  • Water Resistant: Select shoes that offer some water resistance for wet terrains like river crossings or morning dew.
  • Durable: Shoes should be able to handle different surfaces, rocks and sticks that you may encounter on the trails.
  • Breathable: Shoes should have breathable upper material such as mesh, to ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry during activity.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Take time to assess your needs and the environment you will be travelling in. Are you going to tackle difficult terrains like mountains or go for nature walks? How long will you be active for each day?

Your choice of shoes should depend on the type of activity and environment you are expecting to traverse. Different environments come with different demands and a good pair of shoes is the best way to make sure you enjoy your adventure.


Having the right pair of shoes for safari is essential for a comfortable and memorable adventure. Consider selecting shoes according to the terrain you are expecting to explore and the features of the best shoes to ensure you have the perfect companions for your safari!

When planning for a safari, choosing the right shoes is essential for comfort and safety. Whether you’re on a leisurely nature walk or an intense game drive, you should always have the best shoes for safari. It is important to choose a shoe that is lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, and provides good traction for slippery surfaces.

For light hikes, a comfortable pair of low-top sneakers is a great choice. Choose a pair of lightweight sneakers that offers breathability to keep your feet cool and ventilated. Look for sneakers with good cushioning and ankle support to protect your feet and keep them comfortable during your light hikes.

If you’re going on more intense activities such as game drives, a pair of high-top sneakers is a good option. Ensure that they have a good grip sole which prevents slipping on uneven surfaces, as well as good cushioning and arch support. The supportive upper and higher cut keeps your feet protected and comfortable while you’re on your game drive.

For more serious adventures, a waterproof pair of hiking boots is the best choice. Look for a pair of hiking boots with plenty of traction to ensure good grip on slippery surfaces. Additionally, your hiking boots should be lightweight, cushiony, and offer good ankle support. The extra-high ankle support will keep your feet protected even on the most challenging terrain.

Finally, for extended hikes or multi-day treks a pair of mountaineering/trail running shoes is recommended. These shoes offer superior protection and stability and should have good cushioning and waterproofing. In addition, mountaineering/trail running shoes should have superior grip on all types of terrain, keeping you safe and comfortable on the longest hikes.

Whichever type of safari you’re on, taking the time to find the right shoes is always worth the effort. Good-quality shoes provide comfort, protection, and stability, allowing you to enjoy your safari without worry.

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