How Do You Say High Heels in Spanish?

How Do You Say High Heels in Spanish?

High heels are a popular accessory for many people. These stylish heels can add a special touch to any outfit and are available in countless different styles and colors. But did you know that high heels have a special name in Spanish?

Origin of the Term High Heels in Spanish

The origin of the term high heels in Spanish is unknown. The term Tacones Altos is a recent invention, likely coming from the translation of the English words “high heel.”

Tacones Altos Meaning in Spanish

Tacones Altos literally translates to “high heels” in Spanish. This term is widely accepted among Spanish speakers and can be used throughout Latin America and Spain.

How to Use the Term Tacones Altos in Spanish

In Spanish, the term Tacones Altos can be used when talking about any kind of a high heel – whether it’s for a special event or just for everyday fashion.

Here are some examples of how to use Tacones Altos in Spanish:

  • Mira mis nuevos Tacones Altos.
  • Tengo que comprar unos Tacones Altos rojos.
  • Quiero unos Tacones Altos para mi boda.
  • Me gustan los Tacones Altos con el vestido.

In English, these sentences would translate to “Look at my new high heels.”, “I have to buy red high heels.”, “I want high heels for my wedding.”, and “I like the high heels with the dress.”


In summary, the term high heels in Spanish is Tacones Altos. This term can be used in various ways and contexts when talking about different styles of high heels.

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect high heels or looking to spice up your Spanish conversation skills, it’s important to know the term Tacones Altos!

High heels are an essential part of fashion. From a night out on the town to formal functions, they can be the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. With many nations adopting their own unique terms for this popular item, it is important to know the proper terminology in each language. For many Spanish speakers, the term for high heels is ‘tacones altos’.

Tacones altos is the most common way to refer to high heels in Spanish. It is made up of the two words “tacón”, which translates to heel, and “altos” meaning high. The concept of high heels never really changed over language barriers, as the phrase can be easily identified across many international cultures. It is important to keep in mind that although the term does not change, the pronunciation does.

In Spanish, the two syllables of ‘tacones’ are pronounced as ‘tah-kohn-es’ and ‘altos’ as ‘ahl-tohs’. To practice pronunciation, repeating the term with a native Spanish speaker is the best option. Many language learning apps also include audio from native speakers to ensure complete accuracy.

When describing or purchasing high heels, it is essential to know the proper Spanish terms. ‘Tacones altos’ is a simple yet effective way to describe these shoes in Spanish. If a conversation partner is not familiar with the term, simply saying ‘zapatos de tacón alto’ will be enough to properly convey the concept.

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