How to Choose Implant Size?

How to Choose Implant Size

Making the decision to have a breast augmentation is an important one, and one that may have been discussed among you and your plastic surgeon for some time. Choosing the correct implant size is a crucial step in the process, and not to be taken lightly. Here are a few tips to help guide you in making the best decision for you.

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Body

Having realistic expectations for your body and results is the first step in deciding on the correct implant size. The appearance of your body with the implant can be viewed through the use of simulations and 3-D imaging technology that your surgeon can provide you with. It’s important to pick a size that will not only make you happy, but also that works best with your body’s form while still achieving the desired results.

Pick an Implant that Fits with Your Lifestyle

The implant size you choose should fit with your lifestyle and what you expect to do with your body in the years to follow – this includes clothing choices, activities and more. The implant must not only look good but functionally work for you as well. Let your plastic surgeon know what you plan to do and the types of wardrobe you plan to wear to ensure you pick a size that best complements your body and lifestyle.

Consider All Factors

When selecting a size, you must take into consideration factors other than just cup size. This includes the desired volume, implant profile and shape. All must be discussed and weighed into a decision.

Guidelines for Implant Size Selection

Below are some helpful guidelines to use when considering implant sizes:

  • Cup Size: Equals 1-2 cup sizes larger than your current breast size.
  • Volue: Usually in the range of 250-500cc.
  • Implant Profile: Low profile implants may increase cup size specifications.
  • Shape: Round implants can provide a more natural look, while teardrop shaped implants are better suited for asymmetrical breasts.

Remember that the accuracy of implant sizing is based on your plastic surgeon’s skill and experience. Make sure you have an understanding of their methods and are comfortable with their assessments prior to the surgery. Following these tips and guidelines, you should feel confident in the size you and your doctor have chosen – one that will give you the results you desire for a lifetime.

Choosing the ideal breast implant size can leave many women feeling overwhelmed and confused. With so many factors to consider, making the correct decision can be daunting. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone—working closely with a qualified plastic surgeon can provide the answers and guidance you need to make the right choice for your body.

The most important step in the breast implant size selection process is determining your desired look. Consider how you want your breasts to look in proportion to the rest of your body—will you want to remain proportionate or go a bit bigger? Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly with your plastic surgeon.

Next, you should consider your current breast size and shape. The most important part of this evaluation is an analysis of the amount of breast tissue you have naturally. If you have enough natural breast tissue to cover an implant, you may have more implant size options than if you have very little natural tissue. Your plastic surgeon can make an assessment of natural anatomy and suggest implant size options that will give you the desired look.

Implant shape is also an important consideration when selecting an implant size. Implant shape includes round, shaped, and form-stable. Round implants are round and uniform in every direction. Shaped implants are teardrop shaped and are meant to mimic the shape of a natural breast. Form-stable implants, or gummy bear implants, retain their shape and provide a very natural look.

In order to make sure you are selecting the correct implant size, your plastic surgeon may use a breast simulation. This tool allows you to “try on” various implant sizes so you can decide what size and shape will give you the best look.

Choosing the right breast implant size can be a challenging process, but thankfully, your plastic surgeon is there to guide you. They will assess your current anatomy, listen to your desired aesthetic outcome, and help you select the best implant size for the look you desire. Working together with your plastic surgeon, you can make the most informed decision and get the results you want.

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