How to Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has one of the most immersive role-playing experience you can get in the gaming world. One of the most important parts of this experience is deciding which house you want to be a part of. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect house for your character.

1. Determine Your Perfect Fit

Before choosing your house, examine the characteristics and values of each school House. Do you prioritize ambition, learning, and creativity (Gryffindor)? Do you value loyalty, responsibility and respect (Hufflepuff)? Do you believe in being cunning, strategic, and wise (Ravenclaw)? Are you driven by a thirst for knowledge and power (Slytherin)? Ask yourself, which house fits your character best?

2. Analyze Your Surroundings

Take a look at the Hogwarts Legacy world around you. There are four different Houses that offer different areas of the school. Each House has their own common room, library and grounds. Think about which House offers the best environment for you to make friends, learn, and explore.

3. Evaluate Your Personality

Try to figure out which Hogwarts house you would relate to the most. Do you want to take risks and stand up for what’s right? Gryffindor may be the best fit. Are you detail-oriented and strategic? Consider Ravenclaw. Are you selfless and kind-hearted? You may be a perfect fit for Hufflepuff. Do you like secrets and using information to your advantage? Slytherin may be the house for you.

4. Consider Your Options

Once you’ve determined which Hogwarts house is the perfect fit for you and your character, take a look at the different Houses in the game. Each one offers different rewards and items. Consider each house carefully to determine which one will provide the best benefits for your character.

5. Make Your Decision

Once you’ve figured out which House you’d like to join, make your decision confidently. Trust your instincts and embrace the path that your chosen House offers. Have confidence in your choice and enjoy your journey in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy!

Good luck on your journey and don’t forget that the house you choose will become a part of your identity!

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