How to Heel Lock Shoes?

How to Heel Lock Shoes?

A heel lock is a way of shoe tying that increases the secure feeling of the shoe. It’s a situation when your laces do not become undone or loosened. It’s popular among runners and other athletes in this type of activities who don’t want to risk losing their shoe during the course of their activities.


  • Above the main hole, lace up one eyelet as regular and go to the second one.
  • Cross the laces. Pull the laces to make two parallel lines.
  • Putting the laces on the second eyelet, you will mark an “x“ at the side of the tongue. This will give you the feeling of tightness in the shoe.
  • Continue in the same manner. Take the right lace on the right eyelet and the left lace on the left eyeslet – all the way to the top.
  • Tie your shoes. Make a bow or use a shoe knot.

Tips and Warnings

  • The heel-lock method is not for all shoes and the upper material must be relatively supple.
  • If your shoe is still loose, use a double knot to ensure that it doesn’t become undone during your activity.

Knowing how to “heel-lock” your shoe can be very beneficial if you are into running, jogging or other activities. You can also enhance the feeling of support of your shoe overall and make sure your shoe stays locked in its place.

Properly fitting shoes are essential to comfort, but with improperly fitting shoes, blisters, joint and back aches can be caused. Knowing how to heel lock your shoes will keep them from slipping and can help reduce such preventable discomforts.

The first step to heel locking your shoes is to check that your shoes fit properly. You should feel no gaps in the shoe when it is on, and your toes should fit snugly in the toe-box. Once your shoes fit correctly, you’re ready to start heel locking.

Start by tightening the laces of your shoes to create tension in the shoe across the entire surface from top to bottom. Make sure your laces are even on both sides, so you’re not pulling them too tight in one area. Then, once your laces are even, you can start heel locking. Heel locking works by tightening the laces in the area of the shoe that connects to your heel. To do this, you’ll need to pull the laces of your shoes opposite of each other. The laces should be pulled so tight that the fabric of the upper of the shoe will gather around your heel. You should also make sure that the fabric around your tongue of the shoe is not bunching too much. This will prevent your foot from sliding forward while also preventing uncomfortable rubbing.

Once you’ve heel locked your shoes, proceed to tie your shoes like normal. You want to make sure the ends of your laces are tucked in, so they won’t fray over time. Then re-check your heel locking to make sure the right amount of tension is present.

Heel locking is an easy way to keep your shoes from slipping and keep them fitting properly to reduce any discomfort that can arise from ill fitting shoes. By tightening the laces of your shoes, you can make sure that your feet are secure and comfortable in your shoes no matter what your activity. Heel locking your shoes is an important part of your wardrobe and can help you avoid preventable discomforts caused by improper shoe fit.

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