How to Tie Running Shoes Heel Lock?

How to Tie Running Shoes Heel Lock?

Running can help you stay in shape, free your mind and re-energize your spirit. But to ensure that you have a comfortable experience, the first thing you should do is to make sure that your shoes fit properly. A good running shoe lacing technique can help you achieve a snug and secure fit.

Tying your running shoes with the Heel Lock technique helps avoid your foot sliding forward due to running movements. Follow the simple steps below and you will be able to enjoy comfortable runs!


  1. Start by making sure your laces are as straight as possible and give them an even length.
  2. Thread the lace under and then up the sides of the far lace holes.
  3. Then thread the lace over the top lace hole and then back down through the far lace loop.
  4. Thread your lace under both the side loops at the bottom and pull tight.
  5. Continue to eyelet until the section is complete.
  6. Thread the lace through the next two eyelets CROSSING THE LACES
  7. Thread the laces through the side loops.
  8. Thread the laces under and back up through two eyelets at the bottom.
  9. Repeat this process for the remaining lace loops.

Tips for Ballistnd Lacing System:

  • Make sure to make the laces even before you start.
  • Use the “heel lock” method to keep your feet snug and avoid friction.
  • Tighten laces one loop at a time to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Lace all the way up to the top, as this allows for better pressure distribution.

The Heel Lock technique is an easy way to ensure your shoes fit correctly. Following these steps will help you to enjoy your run, even more than before!

Running shoes are designed with specific features to prevent feet from slipping in and out of them during the running motion. A heel lock is one of the most common features that helps to keep your feet secure in the shoe and maximize comfort.

The easiest way to tie running shoes with a heel lock is to start tying in the traditional way. Begin by placing your foot into the shoe and securing it snugly by pulling up on the laces. Go up the sides of the shoe, continuing to pull the laces to tighten them.

Once you’ve tightened the above laces, you can begin the heel lock. Take the laces from the tight knot you have already created and make a “V” shape in the middle. Now, tie the two ends of the laces together so they cross at the bottom. Make sure to leave the “V” shape in the middle of the laces.

Complete the process by once again going up each side of the shoe and tightening the laces. This will help to keep your heel secure. If the laces are too tight, you can adjust them for a better fit.

The heel lock is a simple yet important feature of running shoes that helps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. By following the steps above, you can easily tie your running shoes using the heel lock and make sure that they fit as securely as possible while you run.

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