How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes? Step By Step Guide

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How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Hey Dude Shoes, then you know how comfortable they are. But over time, the shoes can start to loosen up and feel a bit lose.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to tighten Hey Dude Shoes so that they feel like new again.

You'll need:

• Hey Dude Shoes
• Fishing line (or any thin, durable string)
• Scissors or razor blade

Step By Step Guide

  1. Cut two pieces of fishing line that is roughly twice as long as your shoe is wide (the widest part, which is usually the middle of your shoe).
  2. Tie the two pieces together in a single knot, making sure it’s tight.
  3. Thread the string through the back of each shoe, so that they are crisscrossing inside of the shoe.
  4. Tie the two pieces of string together in a single knot, making sure it’s tight.
  5. Pull on each end of the string to tighten the fishing line.
  6. Leave the shoes tied overnight to allow the fishing line to stretch with the shoe and keep its new shape.

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Hey dude shoes are a type of casual shoes originally designed for children. They've become popular in recent years and can now be found in adult sizes.

No. If you tighten your shoes too much, then they won't feel comfortable.

Do not try to tighten them up more than once per month, or you'll end up hurting your feet.

Then you need to buy a new pair of Hey Dude Shoes.

If they feel too loose after a full day of wear, then it is time to tighten them up.

All shoes need to be tightened eventually, but if you wear Hey Dude Shoes then it is a good idea to tighten them more often.

Yes. This is why it's important to tighten the shoes, not the laces.

No. They should fit firmly against your feet (but not be uncomfortable).

Should You Size up Or Down in Hey Dudes?

Sizing down will be the only way to work with your feet and shoes throughout the day. Moderate arch support is also available if you need it!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Stretch Out?

Yes, over time the shoes may start to feel loose and not as comfortable as they once were. This is why it’s important to tighten them up every so often.

Can You Tighten the Laces on Hey Dudes?

Yes, you can tighten the laces on Hey Dudes’ shoes. However, it is important not to overdo it, as this can make the shoes uncomfortable to wear.

It is also a good idea to tighten them up once per month, or more often if you wear them a lot in the summer.


In this post, we show you how to tighten Hey Dude Shoes. We also give some FAQs and advice on when to tighten them and what to avoid.

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