How to Use Roller Shoes?

How to Use Roller Shoes?

Roller shoes, also known as “heelies,” are shoes with a pocket in the heel containing a removable wheel. The shoes allow the wearer to walk, run, and skate all with the same pair of shoes. It is important to know how to use roller shoes correctly and safely so that you can have a fun time skating around.

Instructions for Use

  • Get the Right Kind of Shoes – There are a variety of different roller shoes on the market. Some are specifically made for skating, and some are just for walking. Make sure to pick the right kind for your activity.
  • Put on the Right Attire – Wearing protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet is recommended while using roller shoes. This will help protect you against any falls or injuries.
  • Mount the Wheels – The wheels should be inserted in the pocket on the heel of the shoe. Make sure the wheel is in firmly and securely.
  • Learn the Basics – Before attempting more advanced tricks, take the time to practice basic skating moves such as heading forward and backward, balancing, and stopping. Start on a flat, even surface and increase the speed as you gain skill.
  • Have Fun – Roller shoes can be used for a variety of activities and games, from racing around with friends to performing stunts. Make sure to have a fun and safe time.


  • Check the wheels often for wear and tear. Replace any broken or worn wheels as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you have good balance before attempting any tricks.
  • Always wear the correct protective gear while using roller shoes.

Using roller shoes is a fun way to get around and engage in a variety of activities. Just make sure to follow the instructions and tips above in order to stay safe and enjoy your time skating with roller shoes!

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