Montreal’s famous bagels are the inspiration for Nike’s sneakers.

That question has never been asked by anyone.

It is not clear if anyone was asking for a Montreal bagel-themed sneaker or not, but here we are, with the news that the footwear giant will release the Dunk Low Montreal Bagel in January.

It looks a bit like a bagel and a lot more like we, as a culture, have officially run out of good ideas for sneaker designs. beige is what it is in other words.

The shoe is partially decorated with sesame seed motifs and has a blue swoosh, which Nike explains as “an extra shout out to the city from la belle province.”

The shoelaces are white and someone in Nike’s marketing department missed a real opportunity to claim they look like cream cheese.
The brown substance on the soles of the shoe is often compared to New York Bagels.

A lot of actual bagels would cost an awful lot more than the listed price for a pair of bagel shoes.

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