On Running Shoes Cloud 5?

Running on a Cloud: The Benefits of the Cloud 5 Shoe

Mention the Cloud 5 shoe to any runner and you’ll immediately feel the excitement. These state-of-the-art running shoes, developed by On Running, offer an ultra-lightweight feel and maximum support. Let’s explore the key benefits of these incredible shoes.


The Cloud 5 is designed for maximum comfort. The CloudTec system supports your foot into a secure, natural position. In addition, the Zero-Gravity Foam is Sensifit-wrapped around your heel and forefoot for a secure and comfortable fit.

Light Weight

These shoes are remarkably light-weight,in fact they are the lightest running shoes on the market. This is thanks to the lightweight, air-filled cushions that make up the CloudTec system. They also help you stay energy-efficient and quick on your feet.


The breakthrough Speedboard technology is the reason these shoes are so flexible. The board is constructed with an exoskeleton of light and flexible material, allowing your foot flex and move with your movements, while also providing traction, stability, and remarkable shock absorption.


The Cloud 5’s are designed with durability in mind. This is thanks to the TPU Grip Strips that line the outsoles. These protect your shoes from wear and tear, and help your foot move smoothly over different running surfaces.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Maximum comfort
  • Flexible Speedboard technology
  • TPU Grip Strips for excellent traction
  • Remarkable shock absorption

The Cloud 5 is a revolutionary running shoe that is perfect for any runner. Enjoy maximum comfort, excellent traction, and remarkable flexibility on any terrain. With the Cloud 5, you’ll feel like you’re running on a cloud!

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