Top Shoe Trends for Winter 2023

Thigh-High Boots

The mid-thigh boot gives the impression of having extra long legs, which is what we like about it.

They are able to protect our legs against the wind. Matthew M. isn’t something that we can hardly imagine.

The function that comes with it, we still appreciate, is taken into account by Williams and Isabel Marant when designing their waders.

Leather or knit, fitted or loose, high or flat heel, pointed or round toe, as long as it is above the knee, we are good.

Western Boots

Nancy Sinatra sang about the boots being made for walking in 1966.

Was she talking about cowboy boots.

It doesn’t matter, that’s the look we had in mind when looking at the winter catwalks and the dozens of models who had them on their feet.

The classic codes of the Wild West emblem are square to toes, curved uppers, oblique heels and company.

Annakiki, Fendi and Missoni preferred to give it a new look with metallic leathers, a mule silhouette or even a stiletto heels.

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