Which are the best kitchen shoes? Find it out!

It may be the understatement of all time to say the kitchen is a dangerous place.

Even the ground you walk on can be dangerous if you have sharp objects and extreme heat.

The difference between a great service and falling flat on your face can be made by the right footwear.

Many restaurants require their staff to wear slip resistant shoes to work.

There is comfort to consider outside of safety.

Under the best conditions, long shifts can take their toll.

Your feet, legs, hips, and back will be grateful for the support you give them.

What makes a great pair of chef shoes?

Slip resistance

This feature is important, and professional footwear that has it will say it.

The official anti-slip certification is the ASTM F3445 rating, which some slip- resistant shoes may tout.

A rubber sole and tread designed to channel liquids away from the bottom of the shoe are some of the things to look for.

What is an eight-hour shift like? You have the right to! Another reason for chef shoes is that long hours are common for kitchen professionals.

If you wear orthotics, you should look for styles that haveremovable insoles.

You are good to go if you slip those out and slip yours in.

The features that you should look for are the crowned footbeds and the EVA midsoles.

It’s hugely popular in both athletic and professional footwear because of it’s exceptional cushioning.


There are many options. It’s still a thing to wear traditional clogs.

The selection includes open back, full back and back strap styles.

While athletic shoes used to be frowned upon in some kitchens, there are now scores of professional shoes that look like and feel as comfy as your favorite sneakers.

Other things to consider

Make sure your shoes don’t get wet if you can’t stand the heat.

This is an excellent argument for shoes made of leather or textiles.

There are many molded clogs that areventilated.

The right socks are of the most importance. Compression can be life altering.

A wise chef once said that cleanliness is next to greatness, but there is no denying that wearing the same shoes for long, sweaty kitchen sessions day after day can create a powerfulFunk.

If you have a second pair of shoes, you can let them dry and air out between wearings.

The addition of antimicrobial linings, footbeds and insoles is becoming more and more common in all types of footwear.

It can be washed some of the insoles.

The commercial dishwasher does more than dishes.

This type of cleaning can be tough on some shoes brands.

Don’t attempt this at home if you check the manufacturer.

With so many things to think about, you will know when you find the perfect pair of chef shoes.

They are the ones that you can wear for hours, focusing on food rather than feet.

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