Will Drying Shoes in Dryer Damage Dryer?

Will Drying Shoes in Dryer Damage Dryer?

While your dryer is perfect for laundering plenty of items, should you dry your shoes in the dryer? While it’s a commonly asked question by many, it’s important to know if it’s a good idea or if it can damage your dryer and your shoes.

The Pros and Cons

When considering the pros and cons of drying shoes in the dryer, there are some things to take into consideration:

  • Pros: Drying shoes in the dryer may be a quicker shortcut if you want to get them dried quickly.
  • Cons: Synthetic-based materials such as rubber, foam, and plastic may overheat, soften, and break down in the heat.
  • Pros: Shoes made with canvas and natural materials like cotton, leather, and wool may hold up well.
  • Cons: Metal buckles, ventilation holes, and Velcro straps may become misshapen or can affect the dryer.

What to Know

As with any drying or laundering job, be sure to follow the instructions on the care label. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t chance it and use the dryer. You risk damaging your shoes or your dryer and it’s not worth it.

Also, if you do decide to try your hand at drying shoes in the dryer, limit the time to 10 minutes. This will help minimize any potential damage to your shoes and appliance.

The Verdict

When it comes to drying shoes in the dryer, it’s best to play it safe. Custom-made soles and orthotics, as well as athletic shoes, should not go in the dryer. Additionally, delicate and expensive dress shoes should not be tossed in the dryer either.

Ultimately, your best bet is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and air-dry your shoes. With the variety of drying and laundry options available, you can easily find safe and simple ways to care for your shoes.

Will Drying Shoes in the Dryer Damage Your Dryer?

There’s no need to waste time worrying over a wet pair of shoes. You can quickly put them in the dryer to get them dry, right? Maybe not. Many people don’t realize just how damaging it can be to put wet shoes in a dryer.

Unfortunately, shoes that are wet, full of mud or contain other types of moisture can damage the dryer when put inside. If the shoes are wet and there are heavy clumps, these can clog the outlet line. As a result, the hot, moist air will have nowhere to escape, causing your dryer to overheat. This could damage the motor, destroy the electrical circuits or create a fire.

Even if your shoes are only damp, putting them in the dryer can damage the machine. The constant pulling, tumbling and rubbing of the soles of the shoes on the dryer’s heating element can cause it to wear and become damaged.

It is much better to air-dry shoes whenever possible. Lay them out on a drying rack, newspaper or a stack of towels. Make sure they are away from direct sunlight and don’t place them in front of a heater or radiator, as this could cause them to shrivel up or degrade.

When it comes to putting shoes in the dryer, the bottom line is that it’s generally not advised. Damage to the dryer could be costly and the prevention is simple: Just air-dry them whenever possible.

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